Design Consult


I am in the unique position of being able to see every piece of your wedding day from your guests perspective.  This consult focuses on creating the most visual impact for your guests – which has the added perk of creating great photographs.  Just having a wedding in a beautiful location and putting up pretty things doesn’t mean it will necessarily photograph well.  I can help with that.

In the initial consult we will talk about what feeling you would like your day to portray and the most important parts of the day for you.  This will give me a good sense of what parts of the day to focus on as well as define a direction for your wedding style.

After the initial consult we will walk through your wedding venues and talk about placement of things like your wedding cake, ceremony alter, and where to walk in from as well as the pros and cons of your venue and getting ready rooms and how to optimize them for your photos.  We will discuss backdrops and lighting and their importance both for creating an atmosphere for your guests and their benefit for great photos.  I can also talk about how to move around your budget to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to creating something that is ascetically beautiful for your guests.

After walking through your venue and getting a sense of your vision for your wedding I will put together a Pinterest board with specific suggestions on decor and styling.  From there you will have specific ideas for you to run with but am happy to answer further questions via email leading up to your wedding.

I do not take the place of your planner/coordinator but rather give you a jumping off point to working with them on your final design and layout.  A planner will also assist you with sourcing the items we talk about and setting it up on the day of your wedding for you.  It is best to do this session before you dive into design details with your planner so you can work with this as a base to figuring out the details with them.  This can also be a great package if you have chosen not to hire a full planner because it will give you design and styling ideas to DIY.