Infant Tips

Infant Tips:

Setting a date and time for the shoot: 
  • It is best to do the photos during your new baby’s sleepiest time.  I know you may not be in a schedule yet but watch out for when your baby seems to sleep a lot and we can coordinate around them. 
  • The second most important thing to consider when picking a time for your shoot is when your home gets good natural light.  I will be looking for nice bright but not direct sunlight in your nursery and master bed.
  • My shots focus on your baby but I also take photos of mom and dad (and grandma and grandpa too if they are there) so please schedule a time when dad can join us for the whole session. 
  • When possible it is best to do it in the first week when your baby will be the sleepiest but anytime in the first 3 weeks is great. 
Some things you may like to have for the shoot are: 
  • Cute diaper covers (think knit or a nice solid color or cute design) – lots of infant shots are done with the baby in their diaper only and the covers are so much cuter than the plastic.
  • A couple nice blankets (I like ones that have meaning so any that were yours as a baby or were made for your baby by a friend or relative. I also really like solid blankets with nice textures) – I will use some of the blankets to wrap your baby in and others to lay them on.
  • Hats (whimsical hats are really cute for baby shoots, you just probably don’t want anything with a bill)
  • One or two cute outfits (personally I like comfy, cute outfits better than dressier ones – they seem to fit better and since the shots I take are more intimate they fit the vibe better. That said there are some really cute dressy outfits out there so I think they work great too, just be sure they fit well)
Outfits for parents:
  • As above, since this type of photography is focused on a day-in-the-life I would suggest wearing something that you feel cute but comfortable in.  For moms this could be comfy sweaters or cardigans, a simple cotton/linen dress or oversized shirt are nice too.  Leggings or yoga pants are great if you are in to them, if not jeans are great too.  You could pair a cute necklace or scarf with the outfit if you want to dress it up a bit.  For dads a nice screen printed t-shirt or comfy sweater with jeans are perfect.  Whatever you pick you will want it to be a solid color (no patterns) so it’s not too distracting.  Dark colors are good so the focus is on the baby.  Alternatively, I also like light, airy colors (especially for mom and baby) to give the sense of fresh new life.  Don’t worry about matching too much just don’t wear anything that clashes.
  • I don’t do photos of dad’s with their shirts off holding the baby or photos of just the baby (or baby and parents hands) with everything else black.  They are beautiful photos just not my style and hard to do in your home.
Shoot Prep: 
  • Turn up the heat in your house so your baby is nice and warm for their naked/diaper shots
  • We will be shooting in the room with the best natural sunlight so be sure any rooms that meet this description, plus your nursery and master bedroom, are clean, tidy and clear. 
  • Noise machines (or a blow dryer on low) are good things to have handy to keep your baby calm and warm 
  • Try to feed your baby 30 minutes prior to our session if possible. 
  • Have all the items and outfits you are interested in using in your shoot laid out for me to take a look at when I arrive
  • Be prepared with burp cloths and wipes to clean up any explosions.;) 
  • As I mentioned, I want lots of natural light so if you have any draperies on the windows that can be easily taken down please do so.  The ones that are attached should be opened… throughout your entire house.  You can turn off any lights, I try not to use them. 
During your shoot: 
  • We will be on your baby’s time durning the session so you can do whatever you need to do to keep them as happy as possible.  Some shoots last 45min and others 2+ hours.
  • Parents are pretty much props for infant shoots so most shots you will want to focus on your baby or your partner instead of looking at the camera.  Forehead kisses and tender touches are great.  Slight smiles are perfect.