Emotive, Timeless and Authentic wedding photography for

Lighthearted and Passionate couples.


I believe weddings are a big deal.  A really big deal.  Weddings are one of the most perfect days in our lives when – for a day – we get to be surrounded by those we hold most dear and by the things we find to be most beautiful and scared in life.  A day when we get to be swept up in beauty and love – the best life has to offer.

I believe they should be invested in – with money and energy.  I believe the best ones are a unique reflection of a couple and can’t be duplicated.  I believe the venue can make all the difference and the day doesn’t have to be extravagant to be stunning.  I believe that wedding dresses should be as unique as the woman wearing it and that grooms can – and should – rock some style too.

I call myself a fine art storyteller.  I mix documentary and fine art photography to capture both the emotion and beauty of a wedding day.  I feel like one without the other doesn’t do a wedding justice.



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