Playful, Tender, and  Personal





I believe there is no possession more prized then an image that makes you feel deeply about something that is no longer tangible. I am keenly aware of how fast time flies in a child’s life – as only a mother can attest to.  I would do anything to feel Adelyn’s hand when she was a month old again.  But time goes on and I find myself unable to remember how small it really was.  My photos of her in that moment of time are now my best connection to that time in our lives.  They are priceless to me.  And I believe they will be invaluable to Adelyn someday because they will connect her to me.  This is why I believe family portraits are so important and why I take both a documentary and fine art approach to photographing them.  I want to capture not only the beauty but also the emotion felt by the people in my photographs. These moments are fleeting.



Packages start at $800
Most families choose to invest $1500