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All images photographed by Michele Hart Photography at the Erich McVey Workshop in Elk, California | Design & Styling: Ginny Au | Hair & Makeup: Mimi and Taylor | Floral Design: Sarah Winward  | Photo Lab: PhotoVision | Film: Fuji Film | Venue: Cuffey’s Cove Ranch 

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California Wedding Featured on German Bloghttp://michelehartphotography.com/uncategorized/california-engagement-featured-on-german-blog http://michelehartphotography.com/uncategorized/california-engagement-featured-on-german-blog#comments Fri, 08 Aug 2014 17:47:31 +0000 http://michelehartphotography.com/?p=38518 This beautiful California engagement session was recently featured on the German blog Hochzeits Guide.  I am so honored they loved this session too!

california outdoor wedding10_140707


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Rustic Elegancehttp://michelehartphotography.com/press/rustic-elegance http://michelehartphotography.com/press/rustic-elegance#comments Fri, 08 Aug 2014 17:31:31 +0000 http://michelehartphotography.com/?p=38502 Rachel and Austin’s beautiful outdoor wedding was just featured on Style Me Pretty.

Isn’t that dress to die for… love it.




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Intimate Bridal – Buried deephttp://michelehartphotography.com/love/buried-deep http://michelehartphotography.com/love/buried-deep#comments Sun, 20 Jul 2014 14:29:12 +0000 http://michelehartphotography.com/?p=37160  Whelve

“to bury something deep, to hide”


I shall bury my weary Love
Beneath a tree,
In the forest tall and black
Where none can see.

I shall put no flowers at his head,
Nor stone at his feet,
For the mouth I loved so much
Was bittersweet.

I shall go no more to his grave,
For the woods are cold.
I shall gather as much of joy
As my hands can hold.

I shall stay all day in the sun
Where the wide winds blow,
But oh, I shall weep at night
When none will know.

Sara Teasdale

CA Beach WeddingCA_beach_wedding002CA_beach_wedding003CA_beach_wedding004CA_beach_wedding005CA_beach_wedding006CA_beach_wedding007CA_beach_wedding008CA_beach_wedding009CA_beach_wedding010CA_beach_wedding011CA_beach_wedding012CA_beach_wedding013CA_beach_wedding014CA_beach_wedding015CA_beach_wedding016CA_beach_wedding017CA_beach_wedding018CA_beach_wedding019CA_beach_wedding020

All images photographed by Michele Hart Photography at the Erich McVey Workshop in Elk, California | Design & Styling: Ginny Au | Hair & Makeup: Mimi and Taylor | Floral Design: Sarah Winward | Paper and Calligraphy: Meghan Kay Sadler | Photo Lab: PhotoVision | Film Sponsor: Fuji Film | Table Linens & Rentals: 12th Table | Venue: Cuffey’s Cove Ranch | Dress: Net a Porter | Mens Attire: Billy Reid | Bride’s Shoes: Billy Reid | Models: Sierra Lippert & Asher Deva of Scout Model Agency
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You brighten my dayhttp://michelehartphotography.com/life/baby/you-brighten-my-day http://michelehartphotography.com/life/baby/you-brighten-my-day#comments Tue, 01 Jul 2014 05:15:34 +0000 http://michelehartphotography.com/?p=36354

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Meet the Lovely Cori and her Beautiful Floralshttp://michelehartphotography.com/love/meet-the-lovely-cori-and-her-beautiful-florals http://michelehartphotography.com/love/meet-the-lovely-cori-and-her-beautiful-florals#comments Fri, 27 Jun 2014 19:29:44 +0000 http://michelehartphotography.com/?p=35275 Meet the lovely Cori Cook Floral Design.  They are a full service floral design studio that specializes in stylish and distinctive weddings.   They specialize in floral design for weddings and take a caring, hands-on approach to relating to their clients.




I first met Cori in person while collaborating on this intimate shoot together.  She is the most down to earth, sweet woman.  She always has a smile on her face and is so kind.  Weddings are a big deal.  They are important days in your story.  I believe that couples should be treated like royalty throughout their planning process and I want my brides to feel like I am pseudo bridesmaid on their wedding day.  Those and the types of vendors I want to pass along to my clients because I know you will be in good hands.  Cori, can handle it. 




I asked Cori a few questions for you to get a better idea of what she is all about:
  1. What is your favorite season for florals?   SPRING!  Colorado brides do not take advantage enough of the Spring months.  Sure, weather is unpredictable between April-June, but let’s be honest, nobody would notice the weather at your wedding because your flowers will be amazing.  Peonies, snowball viburnum, hyacinth, blooming branches…some of our very favorite flowers to work with, but they are only available for a very short, very beautiful window of time.
  2. Do you have a signature style?  We don’t like to pigeon-hole ourselves into one style of design versus another.  Designing in all sorts of styles is what keeps our job interesting.  Even so, we have a definite look.  Some of our favorite weddings to work with are timeless garden-estate weddings, extravagant glamorous weddings, and natural, elegant weddings with lots of meaning.  If we had to define the wedding style that makes us the happiest, it’s a high priority for cohesive, stylish design, involving lots of color and plenty of of textural, artistic floral arrangements.
  3. What do you love most about your job?  Flowers and people.  Despite being an entrepreneur, I still love more than anything else designing flowers.  I just love flowers.  I love discovering new varieties of roses, I love taking in their beauty, and I still squeal when I get to design with the perfect peony.  I am blessed to do what I love.  I also love the people I get to do it with.  My team seriously rocks.  Not only are they crazy talented in design, but they are the most amazing, intelligent, vulnerable, real, and beautiful bunch of girls I know.  I am blessed daily by their joy and friendship.
  4. What advice do you have for couples?  Two words of advice:  1.  Your marriage is so important.  Don’t plan a perfect wedding at the expense of investing in your MARRIAGE.  After all, that is what the wedding is all about: the start of a new, beautiful thing called marriage.  So spend time (A LOT OF TIME!) investing in your future marriage together.  Do pre-marital counseling, read a marriage book together, talk through the hard stuff (in-laws, for example), KNOW deeply who you are marrying and let them KNOW you the same way.  So point #1: Invest in your MARRIAGE.  Point #2: Your wedding should be a reflection of this very important decision you are making.  So don’t downplay it.  There is reason to celebrate.  Don’t apologize for wanting to go all out celebrating.  And don’t downplay the ceremony.  This is quite possibly the most important decision of your life and all your favorite people are planning on being there to support you as you make this decision. Don’t apologize for making it a very big deal!
  5. What are three words that best describe your business’ style?


Stylish, Colorful, Fun.




When Cori’s not designing flowers, you can find her curled up with a good book, hanging out with her husband, trying out a new recipe, dancing at weddings, singing in the shower, spending time with her family and friends, researching the next place we should travel to, and overall, just trying to enjoy this precious gift called LIFE – which she does very well.


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