“moving amongst clouds”


They were clouds but they formed the longest white feathers it wasn’t the noted war bonnet of the Plains no this was a head dress for a maiden that could only be the glory of love embodied to look was To stall and stop time your breath slows your eyes grow wide in the throes of elements started in loves Dreams untamed without bounds or borders the cherished object grew it was everything man knew and Then more was created as the heart dared explore all the possibilities love drew and did spew the Tantalizing the finest detail from the long mist of islands truly cloaked in mystery she walked somber Paths her silence and grace tripped the scale of wonder elegance it termed in language that only poets Could write her soft touch was the trinity of sun light moon light as it practiced the art of creating Earthen things by just a softening glow with at touch of waters mist to complete the total design of Natural fabrication out of all that is natural and human it bespeaks of spiritual clandestine movements That created life in the first place all this resides in her eyes and the starry crown she adorns in the night Watch where she shares her magic to all who seek loves possessive hold on every fragment of thought And being stir this scene with angelic fingers romance set adrift with the power to make emotions that Last beyond life times the bedrock foundations of generations from thee eternal sky her forever

Hal Loyd Denton

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All images photographed by Michele Hart Photography at the Erich McVey Workshop in Elk, California | Design & Styling: Ginny Au | Hair & Makeup: Mimi and Taylor | Floral Design: Sarah Winward | Paper and Calligraphy: Meghan Kay Sadler | Photo Lab: PhotoVision | Film Sponsor: Fuji Film | Table Linens & Rentals: 12th Table | Venue: Cuffey’s Cove Ranch | Dress: Net a Porter | Mens Attire: Billy Reid | Bride’s Shoes: Billy Reid | Models: Sierra Lippert & Asher Deva of Scout Model Agency

How sweet it is to live alongside the one you truly love
To traverse both light and shadow, unafraid
The day you were born, my heart left my body in search of you
When you picked it up, the clumsy, unripened fruit fit perfectly in your hands
When you handed me your in exchange, I felt fire for the first time
Beautiful arsonist, what an inferno you have made of me.
- Bobby LeFebre


All you need is

someone who you connect

with and who’s willing

to stick with you

no matter what. 



Happy anniversary Rachel and Austin!  I hope the first year of marriage brought you even closer.

If I know what love is, it is because of you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mommas out there who give their all for their little ones.

You are beautiful.

You are driven.

 You are fearless.

You are human.

Treat yourself accordingly.

Thanks to the amazing Carly Mitchell for this cherished photo of Adelyn and I.



Adelyn’s first birthday party was picked up by Mon Be’be’ Che’ri today!  My family’s lineage is from France and I have always romanticized about their style and culture.  I am so happy they chose to feature it!

To see their favorite images from the day go here.

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