I believe that “eco” can also be “chic” and should be included in all areas of not only my business but also my life. From the things I am doing to the “green” initiatives of the companies I am working with, there are far too many things to list here. Below is a general overview; I am happy to provide more in-depth information to anyone interested.

On the Job:
I use rechargeable batteries not only in my camera bodies but also for my flashes; I take alternative transportation if available and consolidate trips when possible; and I only shoot digital which not only cuts down on paper but also the chemicals used to process traditional film.

I’m Picky about my Products:
When looking for suppliers or vendors I always look for companies who have sustainable practices in place and/or operate locally. I chose a photo lab that minimizes their chemical use, conserves water and energy, and uses eco-friendly paper. I am in the process of creating an eco-friendly album option with a local company, but in the meantime I offer albums through a company that is both socially and environmentally aware.

Green Promotional Materials:
My business cards and promotional materials are designed to maximize their shelf life and limit the amount of ink used in printing. They are printed by a printer that has an environmental certification, on recycled and/or FSC-certified paper that is processed chlorine-free, using soy or vegetable-based inks.

At the “Office”:
My Energy Star computer along with other electronics are not only turned off but also unplugged; most contracts and communications are done online to limit paper usage; I work from home, which is entirely wind powered, to reduce my commute (amoung other things); ink cartridges get refilled; I recycle e-waste responsibly; my web host is eco-friendly and external hard drive has the latest advancements in power saving technology.

All around:
I seek to reduce paper, energy, water and waste used or produced by myself or my business. Products are purchased in bulk or in as little packaging as possible and everything that can be is recycled or composted; all light bulbs have long been converted to CFL’s; toilets, faucets, and shower heads all have been installed with devices to help them conserve water; equipment and other items are purchased used when available; non-toxic cleaning products are utilized; and the thermostat temperature has been turned down to conserve energy.

Your Part:

  • Print only the photos you will put to good use and keep the rest digitally
  • Help me to car share to and from your site locations when possible