My Approach

I am a wedding and lifestyle fine art storyteller who focuses not only on taking authentic, heartfelt, and elegant images but also on creating a welcoming and delightful experience for those I work with.  I believe that good photographs are both beautiful and emotive and that a single image can tell a story. 

ME AT WORK: My husband would say that I am driven and a work-a-holic — at times — but my family always comes first.  I can’t imagine life without my family or my work and work hard at both.  I am extremely organized — sometimes to a fault.  I am the type of photographer who likes to help you work through a wedding timeline and have the important things in order.  I like to not only capture things as they are happening but help my clients to create meaningful moments.   I like offering suggestions and being a resource but, in the end, it is more important for me to do it your way than you do it mine.

WHY I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY: When I look through a lens my senses go into overdrive and I able to feel fully present. I like images that are moving, subtle, timeless, distinctive, authentic, elegant and lighthearted.  I love hints of smiles, eyes that talk, and freckles (plus other perfectly imperfect details).  I am inspired by textures and light; driven by capturing fleeting moments and the best of someone’s character; and aim to produce images that make me feel something.  I am so honored to get to tell people’s stories and to preserve who they are in this moment so others can get a sense of who they once were as well.