Michele Headshot - camera laughing


ME: I am not good at telling jokes, but I will laugh at yours.  I have smile lines and can’t hold a note but I don’t care – I like my imperfections, they make me – me.  I am a lover of good desserts and good books.  I love big cities and back alleys, long road trips and being surrounded by nature.  I don’t believe great style has to be found in brand names.  I love things that are tasteful and subtle, timeless and distinct and I believe that simplicity is making a comeback.

LOVE: I believe in loving deeply and intimacy through vulerability.  My husband, Jason, is passionate, thoughtful, respectful, and tender.  He has a great smile.  I believe in date nights – even if that is just enjoying a glass of wine on our patio under the stars – and that a good relationship is something worth working hard at.

NURTURE: I want to foster a family that plays together and laughs – a lot – and gets messy on occasion.  I hope we can challenge each other but always stand by one another – much like how my parents raised me.  I believe in creating meaningful traditions and celebrating each other.  I feel deeply connected to my ancestry and am wholeheartidly grateful for my parents.

SIMPLICITY: I like distinctive and stunning things but prefer to spend my money on atmosphere and experiences over possessions.  I can’t make a decision without doing extensive research first but, once I have made up my mind, I won’t compromise.  I am happy to invest in something that is important and meaningful to me – that is of high quality, reflects my ideals and is beautiful.  For these things I will have been known to indulge myself and splurge a little.

INTERESTS: You will most often find me at a local restaurant; sipping red wine on my patio; working in my garden; enjoying a night out at a show; or spending time on or near water.  I have traveled extensively and am fed by the beauty around me.

ADVICE: My one piece of advice to engaged couples is to make it your own, let every part of your wedding be a reflection of who you are – and splurge on the things most important to you.  Once married, let yourself be vulnerable, give your partner the opportunity to step up and you will be blown away by how close you can feel to someone else.  When you have kids, cherish them – even on hard nights – because it goes by so quickly.

OH, AND… I am a hugger — be ready, you’ve been warned.


  • Buy an old house and make it beautiful (especially the kitchen and patio)
  • Sail around the Greek islands
  • Travel to every continent (besides Antarctica – brrrrr)
  • Learn 2 other languages
  • Tour Eastern Europe on bike
  • Have more veggies in my yard than blades of grass
  • Own a horse